These are the very finest lures, developed by professional Captain Frank Crescitelli and his team of captains and local “sharpies.” After guiding thousands of clients to tens of thousands of fish, they know what works, and now, so do you.


"Dedicated to Conservation Guides Choice Tackle is dedicated to developing conservation-minded gear and practices, and has pledged 5% of pre-tax sales to conservation."

Featured Products

The new Shore Catch Series lures are here as a result of a design partnership with Capt. Gene Quigley and Shell E. Caris of Shore Catch Guide Service. The Shore Catch Series represent their “don’t leave home without em” plugs.

Our inline sinkers feature the signature low-decibel sound.
M80 Popper
Make the water Explode with M-80 popper. Whether fishing for big fish or in big surf, the M-80 is your lure.
No 2 Pencil
Bring a No.2 Pencil for this test. Everyday you’re fishing you are taking a test. Use as popper or pencil popper.
Mucho Minnow
This shallow swimming, floating plug has “wag and wobble” when reeled in straight.
Baby Bottle Pop
A “Slow Sinking” version of a “bottle neck popper” from long ago.
Poppa Pencil
The “largest Pencil Popper” around, accounting for many “personal best” catches. Bass and Tuna can’t resist the “slashing” back and forth action.
Bunka Boy
This lure presents a profile of an injured immature Menhaden, or “Pogie”.
Striper Slider Sliding Plug
This “sliding plug” is versatile. Vary retrieve for different actions.
Old School Swimmer Vintage Style Fishing Plug
Vintage Saltwater swimming plug designed as a floating lure for game fish species. Has nice wobbler action.
Bottle Pop
classic version of a “bottle neck popper” Originally created to mimic a wounded baitfish being devoured.
Needle Stick
This “level sinking” lure mimics a Sand Eel bait. This “level sinking” Needle Fish lure mimics a Sand Eel bait in a classic “wood plug” style. Weighted to cast "like a missile."
Slim Twitchy
Super Slow Sinking “Twitch Bait.” Twitch & Stop action with rod and reel make plug come “alive” curving and dancing.
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