“don’t leave home without em” plugs.


Capt. Frank Crescitelli

Guide - Conservationist - World Record Holder - Tournament Champion - TV Personality


Capt. Frank has been fishing NY Harbor/NJ for over 40 years, and guiding for the last 22 years. Owner of Fin Chaser Charters, the area’s original full time Fly & Light Tackle guiding business. Specializing in Fly-fishing & Light Tackle Frank and his team of Captains do it all, from back bay for Striped Bass, Blues & Weakfish to offshore fishing in the canyons for Tuna and Marlin & Sharks.


Frank's passion for fishing is only matched by his dedication to protecting the resource, and is Chairman and Founder of The Fishermen’s Conservation Association (FCA).

Frank has coupled with his product knowledge and marketing talents into his own tackle company, Guides Choice Tackle maker of “Guides Secret Professional Grade Fishing Gear.

Capt Frank’s Professional Associations are: Raymarine Pro Ambassador, Contender Fishing Team,Black Rile Coffee Co., Yeti, Maui Jim, Daiwa and Optima Battery Pro Staff.


The “Fin Chasers” TV Show is available on Destination America, Pursuit Channel streaming on Amazon

Follow Capt. Frank, Wade Boggs & Team Fin Chaser as they chase World Records & fish tournaments on every single episode, it should be fun to watch…


As one of Franks Clients stated: “ The only bad thing about Frank guiding you, is that you don’t know who’s having more fun, you or him, but you’re the one paying!

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Our inline sinkers feature the signature low-decibel sound.
M80 Popper
Make the water Explode with M-80 popper. Whether fishing for big fish or in big surf, the M-80 is your lure.
Mucho Minnow
This shallow swimming, floating plug has “wag and wobble” when reeled in straight.
Baby Bottle Pop
A “Slow Sinking” version of a “bottle neck popper” from long ago.
Poppa Pencil
The “largest Pencil Popper” around, accounting for many “personal best” catches. Bass and Tuna can’t resist the “slashing” back and forth action.
Bunka Boy
This lure presents a profile of an injured immature Menhaden, or “Pogie”.
Striper Slider
This “sliding plug” is versatile. Vary retrieve for different actions.
Old School Swimmer
Vintage Saltwater swimming plug designed as a floating lure for game fish species. Has nice wobbler action.
Bottle Pop
classic version of a “bottle neck popper” Originally created to mimic a wounded baitfish being devoured.
Needle Stick
This “level sinking” lure mimics a Sand Eel bait. This “level sinking” Needle Fish lure mimics a Sand Eel bait in a classic “wood plug” style. Weighted to cast "like a missile."
Slim Twitchy
Super Slow Sinking “Twitch Bait.” Twitch & Stop action with rod and reel make plug come “alive” curving and dancing.
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If you are looking to become a dealer, please send us an email and we will get back to you asap. 

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Our Mission

Guides Choice Tackle is not your average tackle company. Captain Frank started this company to provide anglers with the best tackle, at the right price that catch fish!
By Fisherman, for Fisherman using years of fishing and charter experience, is how we designed our lures. Guides Choice is also about conservation, conserving our fisheries for future generations and we are dedicated to Conservation. Guides Choice Tackle is dedicated to developing conservation-minded gear and practices, and has pledged 5% of pre-tax sales to conservation.

Our approach is simple one, make the absolute best tackle available!
Designed, Built & Tested by the Pro's.
"Learning from the past to create the future" is our design approach.
Manufacturing tackle the best way possible is our guiding principle. Hand Painted - Through Wired - VMC 3X Hooks -Wolverine Split Rings.
“You don’t need lures in 35 different colors to catch fish, you need the basic colors that have worked for decades and are made well. It’s ok to spice it up a little every now and then and keep it fresh, and we try, but we are not falling into the trap of “crazy colors” just to sell more baits!”
-Capt. Frank With that said, if there are color combos or styles that someone desires, and they are willing to take a minimum order, we can custom manufacture for our “Dealers” or “Bulk Clients” to find out more, please fill out a “contact us” form.
As a current IGFA World Record Holder, and consistent tournament winner, with over 40 years saltwater fishing and boating experience, coupled with an uncanny fish sense, Captain Frank has been fortunate to excel in the fishing world. He has appeared on countless TV shows and now host’s his own show “The Fin Chasers” Airing on Destination America & Pursuit Channel After years of testing tackle for other companies, I realized that too often tackle is brought to market without regard for the "real fisherman" and quality is not the most important goal. As a professional guide, I demand the best for my clients, now I can finally create tackle worthy of that standard. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.



Elite light tackle specialists serving New York and the New Jersey Area



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